iConnect Round Table

The iConnect Round Table, set within the privacy of a dedicated room, is not only a prime setting for professional networking but also perfectly suited for intimate gatherings that require a personal touch. 

Accommodating up to 26 guests around a single, elegantly arranged table, it offers a unique ambiance for various events, from high-level discussions and brainstorming sessions to special celebrations and private dinners. 

This versatile setup ensures that all participants are seamlessly integrated into the flow of conversation, making it ideal for occasions that benefit from a close-knit, inclusive atmosphere. Whether for fostering professional connections or hosting a personal event, the iConnect Round Table provides an environment that encourages meaningful engagement and a shared experience among all attendees.


Jasmine Room, with IConnect Round Table


Speak to the Man Fu Yuan team at +65 6825 1062/2062 or email sinhbmanfuyuan.manfuyuan@ihg.com



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