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Man Fu Yuan celebrates Dragon Boat Festival

16 May to 18 June 2018

Man Fu Yuan celebrates the Dragon Boat Festival with four varieties of handcrafted bamboo leaf-wrapped Chinese rice dumplings available for takeaway and for dine in at the award-winning Cantonese restaurant from 16 May to 18 June 2018.

The barbecued smoked char siew rice dumpling (300gm; $12.80nett) is a new highlight that features luscious slices of Man Fu Yuan’s new signature barbecued Kagoshima pork belly char siew- first marinated with rose wine, then barbecued to result in a perfectly caramelised char, and finished by smoking over tea leaves and wood chips. For guests with a penchant for classic flavours, the Hokkien-style rice dumpling (200gm; $9.00nett) is a delectable treat consisting five-spice seasoned pork belly, chestnuts, and salted egg yolk.

Two perennial favourites will also be available. The signature X.O. sauce Nyonya rice dumpling (200gm; $10.80nett) encases generous portions of minced pork marinated in Man Fu Yuan’s special homemade X.O. chilli sauce, coupled with sweetened strips of winter melon and dried shrimps. Those with traditional palates will enjoy the red bean lye rice dumpling (200gm; $8.00nett) complete with red bean paste and scented with orange peel.

Guests who place their orders before 31 May 2018 will enjoy 20% savings on their purchases, with an additional 5% savings for online orders.