Spirit-Infused Epicurean Delights

Clockwise left to right – Steamed rock lobster with garlic, soy crumble, scallion and brandy; Marble Goby with preserved vegetable broth, Sichuan peppercorn and Chardonnay; Mao-tai and Alaskan crab fried rice, tobiko; Flambé live prawns with Chinese herbal broth and Gin.


Elevating the art of Cantonese cuisine, Man Fu Yuan is delighted to present an innovative menu with liquor-infused dishes, all meticulously crafted to blend the rich flavours of traditional Cantonese cuisine with the refined nuances of premium wines and spirits. 


Making its debut at Man Fu Yuan on 1 July 2024 and available for one month, the limited-time liquor-infused dishes reflect a harmonious blend of Cantonese culinary techniques, the quality of ingredients and the complex profiles of the selected liquor. Each dish is thoughtfully created to complement and enhance the characteristics of its paired drink, ensuring a delightful balance of flavours and a memorable dining journey. Explore the option for innovative pairings as the team at Man Fu Yuan offers an experience that truly tantalises the senses.  


Alaskan crab fried rice with Maotai and tobiko

Alaskan crab fried rice with Maotai and tobiko ($48)


The menu features a diverse array of creations that cater to different preferences. Highlights include:

  • Stir-fried Iberico pork ribs with Champagne sweet sauce and chrysanthemum ($42) 
    The effervescence and subtle sweetness of the champagne complement the rich and aromatic Iberico pork ribs, enhanced by the floral notes of chrysanthemum. 
  • Steamed rock lobster with garlic, soy crumble, scallion and Brandy ($48 - half): The rich, aromatic brandy enhances the succulent lobster, while the garlic and soy crumble add layers of umami, perfectly balanced by the smooth vanilla notes of the Courvoisier VSOP. 
  • Marble Goby with preserved vegetable broth, Sichuan peppercorn and Chardonnay ($33): The crisp and acidic profile of Chardonnay complements the savoury preserved vegetable broth and the delicate texture of the marble goby, creating a dish that is both refreshing and complex. 
  • Alaskan crab fried rice with Maotai and tobiko ($48): The complex flavours of Mao-tai elevate the richness of the Alaskan crab fried rice, with tobiko adding a delightful crunch. A shot of Kweichow Moutai intensifies the experience, creating a luxurious finish. 
  • Flambé live prawns with Chinese herbal broth and Gin ($49): The herbal broth and the citrusy, botanical gin create a refreshing and aromatic experience that enhances the natural sweetness of the live prawns. 


Discover the perfect pairing: Sprit-Infused Epicurean Delights
1 July to 31 July 2024
Available during Lunch and Dinner.





For other enquiries, please contact Dining Reservations at +65 6825 1008 or email intercontinental.dining@ihg.com.





Stir-fried Iberico pork ribs with Champagne sweet sauce and chrysanthemum  
This dish exemplifies the sophisticated fusion of traditional Cantonese cuisine with a touch of modern luxury. The Iberico pork ribs are known for their exceptional marbling and tenderness, providing a rich, succulent base. Stir-fried to perfection, the ribs are glazed with a champagne sweet sauce, which adds a layer of elegance and effervescence to the dish. The infusion of chrysanthemum imparts a delicate floral note, enhancing the overall flavor profile with a hint of freshness. This dish is best paired with Bauget Jouette NV Champagne, which complements the sweet and floral elements while adding a refreshing sparkle to each bite, elevating the entire dining experience.

Steamed rock lobster with garlic, soy crumble, scallion and Brandy 
A luxurious take on a seafood classic, this dish features rock lobster steamed to retain its natural sweetness and delicate texture. The garlic and soy crumble adds a savoury crunch, while the scallions bring a fresh, aromatic contrast. The infusion of brandy provides a rich, warming undertone that harmonises beautifully with the other ingredients. This dish is ideally paired with a vanilla-infused Courvoisier VSOP, served on the rocks. The brandy's smooth, rich flavour, enhanced by the vanilla infusion, accentuates the lobster's natural sweetness and the savoury notes of the garlic and soy, creating a refined and memorable dining experience.


Marble Goby with preserved vegetable broth, Sichuan peppercorn and Chardonnay 
This dish features marble goby, a prized fish in Cantonese cuisine, known for its tender and flaky texture. The fish is simmered in a preserved vegetable broth, which imparts a tangy and umami-rich flavor, balanced by the slight numbing heat of Sichuan peppercorns. The broth enhances the fish's delicate taste, creating a harmonious blend of flavours. The dish is best paired with Alamos Chardonnay, whose crisp acidity and subtle oak notes complement the broth's complexity, cutting through the richness and enhancing the fish's delicate flavors.

Alaskan crab fried rice with Maotai and tobiko 
A sophisticated twist on fried rice, this dish incorporates Alaskan crab, known for its sweet and succulent meat, with Mao-tai, a potent Chinese liquor, adding a unique depth of flavor. The tobiko, or flying fish roe, adds a delightful crunch and a burst of briny flavor, elevating the dish's texture and taste. This luxurious fried rice is best paired with a shot of Kweichow Moutai, a premium Chinese spirit. The Moutai's complex flavour profile, with its rich, aromatic notes, enhances the savoury and sweet elements of the dish, providing a harmonious balance and a truly exceptional dining experience.

Flambé live prawns with Chinese herbal broth and Gin 
Cooked in a Chinese herbal broth, the herbs impart a subtle medicinal aroma and taste, complementing the natural sweetness of the prawns. The flambé technique not only adds a touch of theatricality but also enhances the dish's flavours. This dish is perfectly paired with Roku Gin, infused with grapefruit and orange peels, and served with tonic on the rocks. The gin's botanical complexity and citrus notes cut through the herbal broth's richness, refreshing the palate and elevating the prawns' sweet and savoury profile.

Honey-glazed barbecue pork with rose rice wine 
This dish is a luxurious take on the classic Cantonese char siu, featuring succulent slices of barbecue pork glazed with a honey and rose rice wine sauce. The rose rice wine adds a subtle floral note and a delicate sweetness that perfectly complements the rich, savory flavour of the pork. Each bite delivers a harmonious blend of sweet and savoury, elevated by the aromatic hint of rose. This dish is best paired with Bisol Belstar Prosecco DOC, whose crisp and effervescent qualities enhance the sweetness of the honey glaze and cleanse the palate, creating a balanced and refreshing dining experience.

Oven-baked Cod fillet with lemongrass and red wine
This sophisticated dish features a tender, oven-baked cod fillet infused with the fragrant essence of lemongrass and the robust complexity of red wine. The cod’s delicate flavor is elevated by the lemongrass, which adds a fresh, citrusy note, while the red wine imparts depth and richness. The combination of these ingredients results in a dish that is both light and flavourful, perfect for discerning palates. Best paired with Pascal Jolivet Attitude Pinot Noir, this wine’s bright acidity and subtle fruitiness enhance the cod’s flavors, making each bite a delightful experience.

Wok-seared Angus beef with black pepper sauce and whisky 
This dish is a bold and flavourful offering, featuring premium Angus beef wok-seared to perfection and coated in a rich black pepper sauce infused with whisky. The tender beef is complemented by the robust, peppery sauce, while the whisky adds a smoky, complex layer to the dish. This combination creates a harmonious and powerful flavour profile that is both savoury and slightly spicy. Best paired with peppercorn-infused Auchentoshan Three Wood whisky, served on the rocks, the whisky's complexity and warmth amplify the dish’s bold flavours, making it a standout choice for meat lovers.


Chilled almond pudding with Bailey Ice-cream
A decadent dessert to conclude your meal, this dish features creamy Bailey’s ice cream served alongside a chilled coconut pudding. The Bailey’s ice cream offers a rich, indulgent flavour with a hint of Irish cream, while the coconut pudding provides a light, tropical contrast. The combination of textures and flavors creates a satisfying and refreshing end to the dining experience. Best paired with Bailey’s and milk, served on the rocks, this pairing enhances the dessert’s creamy and tropical notes, offering a smooth and luxurious finale to your meal. 


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